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I am Attorney Elizabeth Myska, a legal counselor by trade and temperament, and serving clients of all ages who seek assistance with legal matters with respect to home and hearth.

My real estate skills run the gamut from sale to settlement. Not only do I possess a real estate broker’s license, but I am affiliated with a respected local Realtor with many years of experience (Roz Real Estate).

Past and present legal work experience includes:

Why is this breadth of experience important? It demonstrates my ability to absorb core knowledge, build upon my experiences, hone my skills, and turn it to good use for you, my clients.

It is not mandatory for a lawyer in Massachusetts to obtain an advanced degree to practice elder law and estate planning. I have taken the extra step, and self-imposed this requirement. Moreover I strive toward diversification, discipline and excellence. It is what my clients have come to expect and deserve.

My professional corporation has filed a trademark application for a new life planning concept which I have dubbed the “Will Party”. The concept is designed with the “average person” in mind to make life planning attainable, achievable, affordable, and approachable.   

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I am a member of the Board of Directors of The Memorial Foundation for the Blind, and of the Audio Journal.

Of most value to both myself and my clients is the legal work I have performed to assist many of you.

Check back regularly as I’ll be announcing several new liaisons to serve the community at large and my clientele in particular.

So… how may I help you?